Frequently Asked Questions About Warranty

Where can I get my warranty honored if my part (e.g., battery) has gone bad?
Warranties are honored at the retailer/location/online retailer from which you purchased the part.

Can I still process a warranty claim if I no longer have my receipt?
Warranty claims cannot be processed without proof-of-purchase paperwork.

How can I get my warranty reimbursed if the retailer/location/online retailer I purchased my part (e.g., battery) from is no longer open?
First, verify your part is within the warranty period using your purchaser’s receipt. You will then need to purchase a replacement part and contact the Customer Support Center here. Ensure you have receipts available for both the original purchase and the replacement on hand for the claim. If approved, the reimbursement will cover the lower cost of the two parts. Purchase a replacement part here.

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ACDelco makes batteries that are maintenance-free and long-lasting. It’s part of our All Seasons, All Reasons philosophy. If you believe your battery is not working as it should, visit your authorized dealer or download the battery limited warranty guide below.


Click below to learn more about GM Genuine Parts warranties.

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