It pays to keep it genuine

GM Genuine 350 service engines offer new components, solid engineering!

When it’s time to replace a 350 V8 powerplant for one of your customers, the GM Genuine Parts OE 350 service engine remains an optimal choice.

The engine and its components are all new — and never remanufactured — from top to bottom, inside and out. With a competitor’s product, however, you’re never certain what you’re getting. Sure, a manufacturer may claim that their product “meets OEM specifications,” but the engine may actually utilize undersized/oversized components with tolerances and finishes that fall outside of OEM specs.

For example, in a recent teardown exercise of a competitor’s engine conducted by a third-party, the following was observed.

The competitor’s powerplant employed a used oil pan that was simply cleaned and repainted. Oil pans on GM 350 service engines, however, are brand new and include baked-on paint in some applications. The GM oil pan is also manufactured to critical flatness specifications to help prevent leaks.

When examining the intake and exhaust valves, the competitor appears to have strayed from the original GM OE specification by machining their used valve guides to accommodate oversized valve stems. Trying to fit non-standard, oversized parts in an engine can prove difficult and potentially troublesome. Why take that chance when knowing that GM intake and exhaust valves are brand new and meet stringent OE specifications? They’re also fully validated and tested by General Motors.

As for roller lifters, a competitor may not remove all the imperfections, flaws and dimples that can easily form on these components. And, as you likely know, the surfaces between a lifter roller wheel and a camshaft lobe are critical for smooth operation of a valvetrain. That’s why GM 350 service engines come with brand-new roller lifters, assuring an ultra-smooth surface.

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