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Is your car air conditioner not working properly? Does it cool in the morning, but when you drive in the afternoon the cold temperature slows down, and you feel uncomfortable? We, at Sarasota car air conditioning service, help you to find out the solution for your car air conditioner.

Car-Air Conditioning Repair

In repairing the car air conditioner, there is a process. They call it air condition system wherein; the technician is an expert in troubleshooting the problems of air condition system. That is why we offer the best Sarasota car air conditioning service in Florida.

The car air conditioning system has major parts - the compressor, condenser, accumulator, orifice tube, and evaporator. Each of these parts has their own specific function. When one part is not functioning correctly, then other parts will be affected.

Before we repair each part, we need to identify the problem of the car air conditioner. It begins with the checking and here are the following steps that we do:

  1. Check the Airflow - start the car, turn on the air conditioner on high then feel the air if it is warm or cool. When warm to cool, then there is a problem with the cooling fan, cabin air filter, and electrical component.

  2. Checking the AC compressor - a loud noise will be heard once the AC compressor is running. This means there is a problem with the interior parts of the AC compressor. One, the compressor clutch is not engaged. This happens when the pulley is not turning along with the rest of the pulley. Two, compressor coil is dirty due to grime that is built up in the condenser coil.

  3. Checking the refrigerant system - buy only the right refrigerant for your car. All cars use R134a, for an older car, use R12. The use of R134a is to charge the refrigerant in an air conditioning system. It is a can with the hose that is attached to high pressure and low-pressure ports. We do the refrigerant charging to avoid overcharge or undercharge of the air conditioner compressor. If there is a leak in the refrigerant lines, then we repair those leaks.

  4. Checking the leaks and damage - we always make sure to check the compressor lines, air condition hoses, testing lines, orifice tube, expansion valve and condenser lines.

Upon checking each part of the air condition system, our technician will then come to the point of identifying the problem and repair. Below are the repairs we perform on car air conditioners.

  • Air condition compressor
  • Condenser
  • Blower motors
  • Refrigerant recharge
  • Evaporator
  • Expansion valves
  • Receiver / Dryer
  • Electrical controls
  • Climate Control Diagnostics
  • Freon recharge

Car air condition system inspection is the first thing we do in preparation for repairing the parts. You can request an estimation of the damaged parts when we do the system inspection. High-quality service is our top most priority that we provide to our customers. We are active members of Automotive Service Association. We are the most reliable Sarasota car air conditioning service in Florida. Visit us at

Sarasota car air conditioning service

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