Sarasota brake repair

Pity the poor horse that was first used many years ago to pull a heavy load in a cart, wagon or carriage. With hay or a bucket of oats as its only reward, the horse not only had to move the load but also had to suffer the consequences if the cart did not stop when the horse did. Thus, the need for a braking system in any vehicle powered by beast or later through internal combustion was established early on.

As horse-drawn carriages gave way to speedier automobiles the need for improved brake systems led to the development of disc brakes patented in 1902 by William Lanchester. Those early disc brakes emitted a loud shrill creaking noise and were soon replaced by the drum brake. By 1910 drum brakes were the first reliable and long-lasting brake system and remained the predominate brake on passenger automobiles until the 1950s. Hydraulic or power brakes were developed beginning in the late 1920s.

The cars kept getting faster, and in the 1960s an improved version of the disc brake emerged. The new disc brakes had better cooling properties, and there were two friction surfaces instead of one. Since then the technology of braking has added Anti-lock brakes (ABS), four-wheel drive brakes, and adjustable and automatic brakes.

Sarasota Brake Repair Services

Brakes are an integral part of the automotive industry, and in beautiful Sarasota, Florida Brian's Auto Repair has been serving the braking needs of the West Coast of Florida for 27 years. Brian is a Master ASE Certified mechanic and had worked on all types of foreign, domestic and collectible cars as well as that "old clunker" that you need to keep running for another year or so.

Aside from brakes, Sarasota brake repair offers a complete line of automotive care services including:

  • Tire Service - including tire repair, new tires, alignment and suspension work.

  • Tune-ups and diagnostics

  • Oil Changes and lubrication

  • Factory scheduled maintenance and a free dealer warranty assessment

  • Engine repairs - this includes timing belts, AC systems, Alternators and radiators, power windows, and other electrical and lighting systems.

Sarasota, Florida is a known magnet for retirees but also has a large working-class population that depends on automobiles to get them to and from their jobs. Brian's Auto Repair will strive to make any repair at the lowest cost possible and will help to lower the stress level with free drop off services if you live or work within five miles from our location on Clark Road between Mcintosh and Beneva. If your repair takes more than one day, Brian can arrange for a good deal on a rental car including a "free day" discount worth $35.

Just like the brief history of brakes from earlier in this article almost every facet of your automobile has evolved to where even checking the fluid levels can be perplexing to some. When you hear that funny sound coming from your engine do not hesitate to call Brian's Auto Repair at 941-926-2526 or use the online form for an appointment and a no-cost estimate.

Sarasota brake repair

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