Auto Repair Sarasota Fl

Reliable auto repair in Sarasota, FL is just a phone call away. Brian's Auto Repair provides residents with affordable and trustworthy services, to get them back out on the road again quickly and safely.
Bairn's Auto Repair in Sarasota, FL does a lot more than just fix cars that aren't running properly. They're also about maintaining your vehicle and protecting your investment. Aside from your home, your vehicle may be one of the biggest investments you're likely to make. It just makes good sense to take care of it to ensure that you'll get maximum value from it during it's lifetime.
Changing the oil every 3,000 miles is a great place to start, but it's really just the beginning of maintaining your vehicle. The following guide will help you keep your car, truck, crossover or other vehicle running at top performance:
- At 3,000 miles, change oil oil filter, air filter, top off fluids and check, tire pressure
- At 7,500 miles, replace wiper blades
- At 15,000 miles, replace the fuel filter and the cabin air filter
- At 30,000 miles, change automatic transmission fluid and filter, flush the cooling system, replace pvc valve, replace spark plugs and have the fuel injection system serviced
- At 50,000 miles change fluids for differentials, manual transmissions, transfer case, brakes and power steering
- At 60,000 miles, replace the pvc valve, spark plugs, plug wires and timing belt
The rewards gained by maintaining your vehicle will far outweigh the costs of maintenance. Failing to properly take care of your vehicle will only result in costly repairs and break-downs later on. Brian's Auto Repair in Sarasota, FL can schedule an appointment for you to bring your vehicle in for maintenance when you call 941-926-2526.
The goal at Brian's Auto Repair is to get you back on the road with minimal time lost and dollars spent. Their technicians will take time with you to explain the mechanical problems and the repair options for your vehicle. Service estimates are provided for each of their clients and they are careful to contact you in advance of any additional repair work that may be required. Brian's Auto Repair customers in Sarasota, FL repeatedly use their services, commenting about the consistent high quality service they enjoy- and they trust Brian's enough to refer them to family and friends.
Brian's services all GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, and all European, Exotics, Custom Performance and Classis cars using AC/Delco GM parts, Motorcraft auto parts, Amsoil Synthetics, Amalic Semi-Synthetic oils and your favorite brands as well.
Trust Brian's Auto Repair in Sarasota, FL for all of your auto repairs and maintenance, for affordable repair and great customer service that will keep you coming back. Schedule an appointment by calling a technician at 941-926-2526, or by going online to and filling out the contact form from the website.
Auto Repair Sarasota Fl

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