Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair Transmission repair

A car's transmission transfers power from its engines to its wheels. While a well-functioning transmission enhances the general performance of your car, faulty transmissions can lead to several problems. Such difficulties may include malfunctioning gear shifts and slippages (poor communication between the wheels and the engine). Transmission repairs are necessary whenever such issues begin to manifest.

The following are measures that you can take to keep your car's transmission healthy.

Remember to warm your car before use

It is important to let your car warm up for a few minutes before you start to drive it, especially on cold, wintry mornings. Failing to do this might result in straining your transmission

Stop completely before changing gears

Always bring your vehicle to a total halt before you change gears. Moving gears from “reverse” to “drive” or otherwise burdens the car's transmission.

Watch your transmission fluid level

Some vehicle models have in-built warning systems to notify the driver when the vehicle's transmission fluid is low. If yours doesn’t, use the methods described in your vehicle’s user's manual to examine your transmission oil level. You can also consult professional automobile mechanics to give you advice on this.

Ensure adequate cooling

Overheating can ruin your car's transmission. Heat degrades the efficacy of transmission fluid. Be sure to always have a properly functioning cooling system installed in your car. For extra protection, you can consider using an auxiliary cooler.

Don't tow with your car

Towing with your vehicle or carrying heavy items puts pressure on the transmission and forces the transmission fluid to burn more quickly than normal. This can damage your transmission eventually.

Pay attention to your engine

A faulty engine strains the transmission, forcing it to get overworked and eventually ruining it. If you are in the Columbus area, consider getting a mechanic in Columbus to check your engine for faults and keep it working optimally. This helps keep your transmission healthy.

Get professional assistance when necessary

Immediately you spot any signs of damage to your car's transmission, take it to an auto repair shop for transmission repair. If you are in the Columbus area, consider visiting ATL Columbus, which offers you the complete auto care which your car needs to keep functioning optimally. We are the best mobile mechanic Columbus, Ohio.


Get regular maintenance

It is crucial to ensure that your vehicle’s transmission gets serviced regularly. It is recommended to change your transmission fluid at least annually and check for any possible leaks and other damages. Furthermore, it is important to choose a reputable auto repair shop to do this for you, as poor servicing can cause your car more damage.

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