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RV Repair Near Me

RV Repair Near Me

Everyone is ready for the big trip tomorrow! All of a sudden you discover the family’s RV is not starting; so you search online for a reliable “RV repair near me” and Shoreline Boat & RV Repair pop-ups to help you.

What does a RV tech do?

A qualified team of technicians specialized in RVs will inspect, diagnose, and repair your vehicle, including the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and plumbing systems. Additionally, our garage will fix any roof sealing or painting issue as well as the interior components of your RV. The truth is that a regular garage will attend only to the mechanical problems related to your engine or steering, but we will take care of any appliance system in your RV.

What are common problems with an RV?

A recreational vehicle is your home when traveling to near or remote places.  Which is why fixing an RV looks more like repairing your home. Just like in your home, for example, you may face plumbing or electrical issues; the same could be the case with your RV. But you do not have to worry, if a problem arises, search for an “RV repair near me,” and the skilled team at Shoreline Boat & RV Repair will appear to help you. We even keep bays open for emergency repairs. Some of the common RV issues we have helped others resolve in a timely manner are:

  • Water lines – a broken water pump or burst pipes are some of the usual problems faced with an RV. This is most common when the vehicle is parked outside or in an unheated car shed during the winter, and water, left in the system by mistake, freezes.
  • Toilet malfunctioning – sometimes the large seal on the toilet valve will get damaged, and your toilet will lose water. As a result, you will smell a sewer odor inside your RV. A damaged sewer tank or a clog could also cause a bad smell. As RV toilets flush water in a variety of ways, our trained team of RV specialists at Shoreline Boat & RV Repair is well versed in dealing with the different systems.
  • Roof and windows leaks – the sealing of the roof vents or antennas, as well as the windows gaskets, are rubber-based. As rubber ages, it will crack, allowing water to leak inside. A commercial sealant will help you fix the problem temporarily, but in the long run, you should consider bringing your RV to us for a long-term leak solution.
  • Battery – your RV depends on batteries to supply power to the outlets if you did not find any electric hookups at your destination or nearby. During a regular check, our team will test your battery cells so that you can enjoy your vacation without headaches.

How do you maintain an RV?

There are a few things you should regularly do to best maintain your RV and keep it running for years:

  • Visual inspection of the roof, awning, and windows
  • Maintain the sewage system
  • Regular cleaning of interior and exterior
  • Treatment of slide out and seals
  • Check tire pressure
  • Change oil yearly or every 3,000-4,000 miles
  • Inspect all filters when you change the oil and change as needed

However, for some specialized jobs, it may be helpful to ask for qualified assistance. You can find Shoreline Boat & RV Repair trained specialists by doing a simple search online for “RV repair near me.” Our team are experts at dealing with RV maintenance and repair; give us a call today!

RV Repair Near Me
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