Private Scuba Charter Key West

Private Scuba Charter Key West

If you're planning to visit the Florida Keys, doing a bit of scuba diving to explore the beautiful reefs is a must. As a private scuba charter in Key West, YKnot Charters arranges diving and fishing tours. What could be better than exploring the gorgeous marine life in the day and winding down with delicious freshly caught seafood dinners at night?

Diving tour details

We have a range of diving tour options available to suit your budget and needs. We offer half-day, full-day and multi-day diving tours around some of the most fascinating shipwreck sites and reefs. The cost of diving tours ranges from $700 (for half-day tours between 8 AM and 12 PM) to 4-day and 4-night trips costing $5,800.

For every diving tour option, a licensed coast guard captain operates the boat and a certified diving instructor accompanies you. Each diving tour package can have a maximum of 6 people (both divers and non-divers). The package costs include snorkeling equipment, aluminum tanks, weights, and weight belts, but scuba diving gear has to be rented additionally at $35 per day and per diver.

We also offer a week-long Wreck Trek (7-days and 7-nights) that takes you around the major shipwrecks around the Key West such as the Vandenburg and the Cayman Salvager. A lot of decommissioned ships were sunk on purpose, to create an artificial reef and maintain the diverse marine ecosystem in the area. Some of the shipwrecks such as the Vandenburg is located quite deep, so, you would require diving certification for them.

Fishing tour details

Even though we're a private scuba charter in Key West, we also offer fishing tours for any fishing enthusiasts looking for some great seasonal catches. We offer day trips and multi-day fishing trips as well. Fishing tour prices range from $700 for half-day trips to $5,200 for a 4-day and 3-night trip.

The best deal is probably the $7,500 deal for a 7-day and 7-night trip, ideal for our visitors coming from far up north. These tour prices are only for fishing, so there's no scuba diving involved.

You can find the best fishing spots to the west of our marina, where our multi-day trips will take you to places like Marquesas, Rebecca Shoal, and the Dry Tortugas National Park area.

What should I bring for fishing?

For the fishing tours, you can purchase our fishing equipment package which will have everything you need. If not, you can bring your own rod and reels, leader, hooks, swivels, yellowtail jig heads, trolling lures, feathers, skirts, and ballyhoo rigs. Other than that, you just need to bring some water-resistant footwear and towels.

For the diving trip, don't forget to bring proof of diving certifications. You will also need your diving equipment (if you choose to bring your own), and good light for night diving.

The Key West is an amazing area to get some scuba diving or fishing done. As a private scuba charter in Key West, we organize multiple options for fishing and diving trips to suit your needs.

Private Scuba Charter Key West
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Private Scuba Charter Key West
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