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car mechanic Near Garland

car mechanic Near Garland

A car mechanic near Garland will keep you on the road throughout the life of your vehicle. Cars and trucks are made of many parts that wear and break over time. Waiting to repair your vehicle is like playing with fire. Lube Masters Express covers brakes, oil, and everyday wear and tear to keep you going.

What should I look for in a mechanic?

Everything is bigger in Texas. Unfortunately, that also applies to the distance between towns and cities in our state. Your local mechanic needs to handle the short trips in the city or the long haul to your friends and relatives.

Experience, positive reviews, and the drive to provide excellent customer service are crucial to the longevity of your car or truck.  Lube Masters Express guarantees the quality of our work. If your issues are not resolved or a problem arises after visiting, we will remedy the situation free of charge.

ASE Certified Mechanics

ASE certified mechanics are among the best in the industry. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence maintains its reputation by awarding qualified mechanics and shops in automotive repair and service.

Our mechanics and shop are certified. Our experts know how to find problems before they have disastrous consequences. Every Lube Masters Express strives to provide the best care possible for your car or truck. We only hire the best.

How does the weather effect my car?

Hot summers and occasional snow, even in the Dallas area impact your vehicle. Constantly running air conditioners create strain on related systems. Parts expand and contract based on temperature. Cold starts decrease lifespan.

The stress of Texas weather on your vehicle is measurable. Over time, parts break down. The weather plays a vital role in performance, wear, and tear.

How often should I obtain an oil change?

Oil changes help your car handle variations in temperature and keeps your internals clean. Different oils handle different temperature ranges. Hot summers do not impact your engine in the same way as mild or cold winter days.

You should perform an oil change every 5000 miles or three months. If you drive frequently, the number of miles driven may be as low as 3000. Consult your operating manual for more information.

Do my brakes need to be replaced?

Waiting for your brakes to squeal before replacing your brake pads is not a good idea. The cause of the terrifying sound is metal on metal contact. Over time, the plate may fuse to the wheel requiring replacement at a much greater cost.

Generally, your brake pads need to be replaced every 50000 miles. In performance vehicles or periods of intense driving, 25000 miles may be the norm. Our mechanics go beyond the straw test to accurately measure the life of your brake pads.

Car mechanic near Garland Texas

A trustworthy mechanic is hard to find. We strive to maintain an excellent reputation. Our customers are our biggest asset. Unlike dealers or other shops, we do not recommend unnecessary repairs. Visit your nearest Lube Masters Express today.

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car mechanic Near Garland
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