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Bumper Repair Hillsboro Oregon

Bumper Repair Hillsboro Oregon

If you think your damaged car bumper is cramping your style, come to Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center for the best bumper repair in Hillsboro Oregon. Our experienced technicians have the experience and skills to repair all types of bumpers and bumper covers.

Why is your car bumper necessary?

A car bumper has very specific importance. Some people think the primary function of a car bumper is to minimize injury in a car crash. The truth is that car bumpers are not even safety features. The primary purpose of a car bumper is to reduce damage to the front or rear of a vehicle in low-speed crashes.

Should I repair or replace my car bumper?

If your car bumper is damaged and you are not sure whether to replace or repair it, call us today to help you make a decision. Our bumper repair specialists at Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center will examine your car bumper and let you know the best solution for the damage.

In most cases, repairs are recommended for minor damage including scratches, cracks, and dents. Fixing such damages is often relatively cheaper than replacing the entire bumper. However, you may have to replace your car bumper altogether if it has deep scratches, cracks, and dents.

When you call us for car bumper repair, you can rest assured that the staff at Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center will do a great job so that you can have your car back looking as good as it was before the damage. We will repair all dents, scratches, and cracks on your bumper and paint it to match your car.

Is it illegal to drive a car that does not have bumpers?

Whether or not it is illegal to drive around in a car that does not have a bumper depends on your state. The laws of some states do not explicitly forbid driving without bumpers. It is illegal to drive around in a car that is considered to be in an unsafe condition or has broken, protruding pieces. Therefore, the police in your state may consider your vehicle unsafe if it has a missing or damaged bumper including one that is unsafely attached.

You may get a ticket for driving a car without a bumper even if there are no specific state laws or statutes that talk about the legality of driving without a bumper. In addition, it is illegal to drive around in a car that does not have its license plates displayed. You may have to find a way of attaching the license plate without bumpers.

What states require bumpers to meet minimum safety standards?

Some states require all cars to have bumpers that meet specific safety standards. These states include California, Hawaii, Illinois, Idaho, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Tennessee.

Other states including Alaska, Indiana, Maine and Ohio require you to keep or replace your bumper if your car was initially designed with one. Colorado, Arizona, Alabama, and Arkansas do not have specific laws for bumper repair or replacement.

If you are looking for bumper repair in Hillsboro, Oregon, look no further than Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center. Call us today for a free estimate.

Bumper Repair Hillsboro Oregon
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