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Accident Repair Saskatoon

Accident Repair Saskatoon

Accident Repair Saskatoon

Although we never hope for accidents, they do happen anyway. And when we are involved in one, the best we can do is move on and pick the relevant lessons. Part of moving on is getting your car back to its pre-accident state. Although the job sounds simple enough, the steps involved could be pretty complicated, depending on the nature and extent of the damage. If you want a thorough and top-notch job, it's vital to ensure you only visit reliable accident repair centers in Saskatoon. Precision Body Auto is one such center, and our team of experts is always on hand to help you with all your vehicle repair needs.

What are the steps involved in accident repair in Saskatoon?

At Precision Body Auto, we have a comprehensive repair process that's trusted to deliver the best results for our clients. Here is a summary of how we go about accident repair in Saskatoon:

Inspection: First, we thoroughly inspect your vehicle to determine the nature and extent of the damage. The information we gather would be used to provide an estimate for you or your insurance provider as the case may be. Car owners should know that some kinds of damage may not be visible until the car is disassembled. Thus, we may need to furnish you with another quote later on.

Disassembly: Once you agree to work with our professional accident repair technicians in Saskatoon, we disassemble your vehicle and carry out a more thorough inspection. Depending on the extent of damage, we may discover some other parts that need fixing after disassembling.

Order parts: If there are parts that need to be replaced, we place an order with our distributor's network. Usually, we prefer to work with OEM parts, but we are flexible enough to accommodate our clients' budgets.

Structure repair: Our expert technicians will analyze the frame of your vehicle as well as other structures to reveal the parts that need repair. Our aim is to return your car to the manufacturer's requirements.

Body repair: After fixing the frame and internal structures, we proceed to work on the metal finishing and exterior panels. At this stage, your vehicle is all but fully repaired.

Painting: Accident repair in Saskatoon is never complete without a paint job. At Precision Auto Body, we have a fully equipped painting arm with highly skilled and experienced technicians. Thus, you never have to worry about paint matching and all other fine details.

Reassembly: Once we are done painting, we put your car parts back together and check the systems to ensure everything is working perfectly.

Detailing: This is the stage where we thoroughly inspect all we have done and ensure we did not leave any stone unturned. The vehicle would also be road tested and thoroughly cleaned to leave it good as new. After detailing, all that remains is preparing the comprehensive repair bill and finishing other relevant paperwork.

Do you or anyone you know need help with accident repair in Saskatoon? Get in touch with us today at Precision Auto Body. Our accident repair process is tested and trusted, and you can rest assured your vehicle would be delivered in perfect condition, no matter the nature of the damage.  

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